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Vault Storage

Taytum Security’s highly-secured, strategically located storage facilities are recognized as market leaders. All our vaults are strategically located in international Free Trade Zones or enjoy bonded status.

Storage units available range from safety deposit boxes suitable for individuals all the way up to entire dedicated vaults customized to meet the most stringent requirements of banks, global corporations and financial institutions. Several of the facilities feature custom-designed secure inspection lounges and meeting rooms, allowing clients to host private events and show in an exclusive atmosphere whilst enjoying unparalleled security and discretion at all times.

Our secured storage facilities located in Free Trade Zones around the world enable companies, institutions and individuals to store precious metals, luxury goods, fine art & rarities and diamonds & jewelry with a 100% duty-free exemption.

Commodities can be imported into the FTZ located facilities tax-free, allowing them to be stored and freely traded there until imported into the region or re-exported tax-free. Taytum Security provides flexible and full-service logistical support service for the importation process of any items, return of items overseas, as well as secure storage for precious assets without a time-limit.

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

Our Global infrastructure is made up of multi-user logistics facilities throughout the world, enabling us to stock your products and fulfill orders in a more timely and cost-effective manner in each local market. Our Warehousing and Order Fulfillment services provide you with a ‘pay as you go’ business model, fully supported by TAYTUM SECURITY ’s logistics management expertise and web-based technology.

We can provide shared warehouse solutions in as many as 40 countries worldwide. This means that you can benefit from the economies of scale of our multi-user logistics sites, because you only pay for the space you use from one month to the next. Many of our clients ask us to replicate the processes of an existing facility already run by them in another country as part of their Global expansion strategy. We are experts at managing projects of this type, and such is our reach that we can rapidly provide multi-channel logistics solutions almost anywhere in the world, with careful project management.


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