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Cash Management

Cash Vault Services

TAYTUM SECURITY AND LOGISTICS CO. offers the following cash logistics solutions to commercial banks and retail clients;

  • Pick up and drop off
  • Secure transportation
  • Courier rider services

We manage full cash cycles and cash in transit logistics for businesses, eliminating cash risk for our clients across the retail and financial sectors.

Event Ticketing and Payment Collection Services

TAYTUM SECURITY AND LOGISTICS provides customers with the convenience of handling payments from their patrons during events, such as sporting events, concerts, expos, trade fairs, church fundraisers, and any other scenario that requires event ticket management. These payments are then reconciled and securely deposited at the bank or alternate location as advised.

Our services include:

  • Site visits and allocation of resources at various cash collection points at the event venue, each with appropriate security, receipts, wristbands and cash/change

  • Cash security and management during the event

  • Cash security, accountability, reconciliation and banking after the event

Cash management Services

Every day, our world becomes increasingly complex. This is why more and more companies turn to Taytum security and Logistics Company for secure transportation and cash management solutions.

We’ve delivered comprehensive cash management solutions to the financial and retail sectors globally. Our solutions enable clients to focus on their core business and automate their cash processes, get an instant cash guarantee, eliminate risk and ensure fast cash settlements.


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